EMCIS documents
(Ministerial Conclusions and First Progress Report)

Ministerial Conclusions     First Progress Report

 SEE Coutries Meeting Document: Joint Statement of Intent of SEE Countries

EMCIS site is officially closed
(but will remain online as a valuable archive of information)

This website was created for the European Ministerial Conference "Information Society - Connecting Europe" (EMCIS), which was held in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in the beginning of June 2002.

Many visitors still tended to visit the site even after the conference closing. It still contains a lot of valuable information which remains at visitor's disposal. It will remain so, but from now on the site will cease to be updated. It will remain online as an archive of information for helpful reference.

Since the site was created more than 3900 guests visited it. Visitors came from all over the world. This is not surprising as a lot of relevant information is available: news from the conference, presentations of invited speakers, and much, much more. We hope it has been as pleasurable navigating through the EMCIS website as it was making and updating it.

Our other site, the English site of the Ministry of Information Society, is always updated. We invite you to visit it for more news.

More information: gp.mid@gov.si


Republic of Slovenia, Ministry of Information Society in co-operation with the European Commission, DG Information Society and DG Enlargement
Contact info: gp.mid@gov.si
Web: http://emcis.gov.si, http://www.europa.eu.int/eeuropeplus